About Me

I have been working in a Network Administrator/Helpdesk Support Role for over 5 years, but just recently have found my passion in Web Development.

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    XL Flat White
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    Anything with a beat
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    August 16
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    Average 15Km/week

Me in a Nutshell

I met my first computer at age 9, and straight away started teaching myself the ins and outs. Had my heart set on Audio Engineering when i left school, but was offered a job in IT in mid-2008 and been doing it ever since.

I Know About

IT - TCP/IP - Active Directory - Windows - Business Applications - Hardware Repairs - Helpdesk

WEB - Online Presence - Wordpress - Social Media - Hosting - SEO

My Skills

  1. Wordpress 60%
  2. Network Administration 80%
  3. Helpdesk 70%
  4. Social Media 50%
  5. Drinking Coffee 90%